by Charity

Today is Tuesday. 
An ordinary extraordinary day.

Today, my kids wanted to build creations out of cardboard, scissors and tape.

Today, my daughter pushed my hand away from the computer and said, “let me do it.”

Today, I stepped on a lego and cut my foot. (This is why cuss words were invented.)

Today, we learned how to say “owl” in sign language during a preschool zoom call.

Today, my daughter needed help washing her hair.

Today, my son wanted me to brush his teeth.

Today, there were tickle sessions.

Today, I had to put my little one’s hair up in a tiny pony tail to keep it out of her eyes. 

Today, I put away approximately 782,726 loads of laundry. 

Today, we ran out of bowls because every hour of the day was snack time. 

Today, we sang the alphabet and counted to 20. 

Today, we practiced telling time and number bonds of 8 and 9.

Today, my little one had her very first swim lesson. 

Today, my big kids had their weekly swim lesson.

Today, my daughter had a tutor to help her with 3rd grade reading.

Today, we all ate dinner together. 

Today, my son made a funny voice at dinner and the other kids laughed until they cried. 

Today, I made dinner that 2 kids didn’t like.

Today, I made dinner that one kid fell in love with.

Today, my son discovered his love for BBQ sauce.

Today, I kissed an owie on an elbow. 

Today, I let my son sneak a bite of cake before bed and he felt like the most special kid in the world. 

Today, I crawled into a tiny fort to read bedtime stories. 

Today, my son wanted to hold my hand as he drifted off to sleep. 

Today, my kids fought over who I was going to snuggle and put to bed first. 

Today, I was tired.

Today, I crawled into bed only to find cracker crumbs from a 4-year-old that has to entertain herself way too much.

Today was a normal day and a one-day-I-will-look-back-on-this-and-miss-it kind of day. 


I don’t know if some or none of these things will happen tomorrow. 

So I’m trying not to let sad thoughts of tomorrow ruin my today. 

I’ll deal with tomorrow, tomorrow, when tomorrow becomes today. 

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